Was anyone maintaining the facilities whilst the gym was temporarily shut?

Yes, whilst our facilities were closed our team were routinely visiting to perform statutory and regulatory inspections and testing, along with general maintenance activities, to ensure the standards were maintained ready for us to open for EVERYBODY.

Will you notify me if you think I may have come into contact with a person who has tested positive for Covid-19 whilst at Bamburgh Fitness?

We are fully complying with all government advice regarding this, supporting the government’s track and trace system.

How will you be managing capacity to ensure that Bamburgh’s spaces don’t become overcrowded at busy times?

We have worked hard to ensure that the layout of our gym, the equipment in use and the placement of our cleaning and hand stations are optimal for the gym layout and maintaining a safe distance.

All our equipment follows government guidelines in ensuring that EVERYBODY is a safe distance apart. When taking free weights, we ask EVERYBODY to be conscientious towards other members and respect the social distancing measures that are being enforced. If this is ever not the case, please speak with a member of the team on site who will be more than happy to assist in any way that they can.

What are you doing to keep the equipment and facilities clean?

We are working hard to ensure that our hygiene standards are kept to an exceptional level. As part of these efforts we have stepped up the frequency of our gym equipment being cleaned and on top of this, ensure that each evening a deep clean is done across the entire facility. We have also put in place cleaning stations throughout our gyms and we ask EVERYBODY to use these to wipe down any equipment after use.

Should you have any concerns over the cleanliness of our equipment or facilities, please speak to a member of staff on site who will happily ensure that any issues are sorted.

Facilities and Equipment

Are changing rooms open?

Yes, our changing rooms are open and set up to support social distancing.

Are there lockers?

Yes, please bring your own padlock.

Do you provide parking?

Yes, parking is provided at the back of the school building for all Bamburgh customers.


My First Visit

How do I enter Bamburgh?

To enter, follow the signs for the Main Entrance to Bamburgh from the car park (back of St Cuthbert’s Catholic High School). Once at the Main Entrance, enter the door and simply swipe your fob to enter the gym facilities.

Are the changing rooms and showers easy to find?

Signposts around our building are clearly placed to make finding any of our facilities easy.

What if I need help during my time at Bamburgh?

Gym staff are on hand to answer any queries and help EVERYBODY with equipment during the following hours: 5pm-10pm Mon- Fri 10am-5pm Sat-Sun.

How do I exit Bamburgh?

You will be able to exit the gym in the same way you entered. Please make sure to fob out before exiting the gym.



Membership and Payment

How do I join Bamburgh?

It’s a really simple process – and it’s all handled here on the website.

Simply click on Join Us from the main menu and select the membership which best suits you.

I have a question about my membership – who do I contact?

Please contact our Membership Support Team, the best way to reach them is here.



I owe some money for my membership – how do I make that payment?

Please follow this link to make your membership fee payment. Link to payment page.


What will happen on a Gym Induction?

Below is a step-by-step timeline of what will happen on a gym induction and what to expect for EVERYBODY at Bamburgh.

STEP 1 – Meet, Greet & Tour – 10 minutes

A member of our team will give you a tour of the gym facilities to show you what our gym has to offer, where to go for what type of training and what help and support you will get from different departments.

STEP 2 – Health & Safety – 5 minutes

During your tour round the facilities, a number of health and safety points are covered which includes, where the fire exits are, whom to contact in the need for first aid and where fire escapees are located.

STEP 3 – Pre-Exercise Questionnaire – 5 Minutes

It is a legal requirement of gyms for EVERYBODY to have completed a pre-exercise questionnaire before commencing exercise. This is a mini disclaimer form where you declare your medical history.

Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Email us and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.